Air Jordan 1 x Nike SB (Royal Blue/Black)

The long awaited myth has made it’s debut into reality, the Air Jordan 1 x Nike SB collaborationdropping later this year with the Bones Bridage documentary. The iconic sneaker which made it’s way into retail in 1985 was a favorite amongst skaters before Nike imagined of having a skateboarding division. The Royal Blue / Black colorway will be releasing later this year at your local.

Here’s part of an anonymous tip that was received earlier this year.

 Initially the top guy knew nothing about it, but the person directly below him had heard about it but didn’t know much other than it was in the rumor stage. Well the shoe is now together (as of this morning) and they’ve seen it, the top guy in footwear for Jordan is new to the group and he actually approached SB about the shoe and they put it all together. It was not approved by MJ, nor does it have the AF1 wings, the new footwear boss got his hand slapped over it as well. no details other than it doesn’t have the AF1 wings but you can draw your own conclusions from there as to what the shoe will look like. This is about as off the record as you can get but that’s right from top of Jordan they may do a product unveil likely yesterday not sure if any photos will show up but most of the Jordan guys saw the shoe as of 1/27.



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