Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner: Hawaiian Traditionals

Just in at the Fully Laced Flagship Store is the Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Traditionals collection. Here’s a little background information about the collection:

For Summer 2010, Stussy Deluxe teamed up with legendary, Hawaii-based Reyn Spooner, the company known for taking the Hawaiian shirt to the heights of casual American classic. Founded in 1962, Reyn Spooner is known for a reverse fabric that imitates the sun-bleached cotton clothing of surfer’s garments.

“You have to respect Reyn Spooner for coming with a look, staying faithful to that look and over a period of nearly 50 years building an iconic company that represents the Hawaiian Lifestyle,” said Nick Bower, Stussy’s Design Director. “There’s been a move toward American authentic, but the brands associated with that are usually East Coast or cold weather outdoor brands. I wanted to look at West Coast authentics.”

The Stussy x Reyn Spooner capsule collection featured a vintage Reyn Spooner print modified with Stussy’s iconic hand script across sixteen pieces including shirts, walk shorts, board shorts, windbreakers and a range of accessories including bags by Japan-based Porter and a slip-on, cork foot bed sandal by Japan-based Tatami. All items featured Reyn Spooner’s classic inside-out construction.

Stussy commissioned original photographer and longtime friend Ron Leighton to shoot the project capturing the essence of the Golden Age in California. The Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner collection was released in May 2010.



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