Marvel X Medicom Toy – Be@rbrick Happy Kuji Series

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Medicom Be@rbrick was doing a collaboration with The Avengers. We have now seen that Medicom Be@rbrick has also done a collaboration with Marvel. Check out this new Happy Kuji series.

The Happy Kuji is brand new shopping experience in the form of a lucky draw that is available only in Japan. It is a simple system, where the customer is able to buy a lucky draw ticket, kuji in Japanese, and they are guaranteed to win something. The good news is, there are no losers to the Happy Kuji system, and everyone is bound to walk away with something. MEDICOM TOY and Marvel are teaming up to participate in the Happy Kuji with their exclusive BE@RBRICK figures as several box sets. In total there are 100 units of the toys available from 100% to the 400% Spider-Man BE@RBRICK. There is even a prize for the last draw, which is the metallic Black Spider-Man BE@RBRICK. Each draw is only 500 yen, and Happy Kuji is available at participating Family Mart convenience stores and Tsutaya bookshop Japan-wide.


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