“FRACTIONS” new works by Sam Rodriguez


Sam Rodriguez continues his ongoing series of work involving questions and ideas about identity in style and culture. This time the work involves more “fractioning” as Rodriguez calls it. His painted dissections of the human face are intended to further emphasize and explore the idea of people as walking “melting pots”. Although the obvious subject to read in the work is ethnicity, he wishes to speak to the broader topic of visual identity, which may include one’s own style or perception. The work playfully juxtaposes several visual cues that we use in order to process information about people we see. Rodriguez views these portraits as somewhat anthropological in that they are studies of people’s visual mix.


Sam Rodriguez is an emerging artist who works in various mediums including graphic design, walls, paintings and drawing. From 2005-2007 Samuel Rodriguez worked with artist Mel Chin on a permanent installation for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in San Jose, CA. More recently he has completed two additional permanent public art fixtures, one for the Los Angeles County Metro Authority at Jefferson Station, and the tother for another library in San Jose’s Solari Branch. His work has been exhibited at Anno Domini, Oakland Museum of Art (group exhibit), Known Gallery (group exhibit), and Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA). Rodriguez was self-taught for a number of years until he later received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. The artist currently resides and works in San Jose, CA.

Rodriguez is a people-watcher who usually finds interest in everyone’s unique blend and character. His work integrates elements of life expressions, and. His goal is to retell life moments through a mix of figurative and abstract painting.

http://www.shortyfatz.com . @shortyfatz


Jasper Wong – Loft in Space e: jasper@loftinspacehi.com p: 1.808.223.7462


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