Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Mecha Dunny 8” ‘Viral’ Release



If you missed out on Frank Kozik’s  Saturday release of 111 of his new 8” Mecha Dunny from Kidrobot sold as a set with a print, you’ll want to keep an eye on twitter – specifically the #mechadunny hash tag for announcements from retailers of availability.  Unlike a standard release, this one is being released  ‘viral’ style with retailers announcing and selling when they receive the product.  As a hint, this mecha wave spread west from SF across the nation – so keep an eye on East Coast retailers.  At this point, it looks like this ‘silver’ edition will only be available from 3rd party retailers and not KR directly.  Perhaps, a follow-on edition will be offered in a more standard release (speculation on my part).

With that out of the way, the 8” Mecha Dunny looks great – replicating Frank’s futuristic design first seen as a 3” issue.  As with the smaller piece, this one features a completely original sculpt – roughly following the classic Dunny shape.  While the price has previously been reported as $85, it’s actually the standard $75, despite the new sculpt.

[Pics via Frank Kozik’s Facebook]






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