Haze X GShock

Just arrived at the Fully Laced Flagship:

Haze X GShock



Eric Haze

Born and raised in New York City, Eric Haze has been
making his impact felt in the worlds of art, product
and graphic design for over 30 years. After spending
the early 80’s on the front lines of the downtown New York
art scene, Haze opened his design studio in 1986,
becoming one of the first visual artists to define the look
and graphic language of Hip Hop during it’s golden years.
Some of his most classic works include designs for
Public Enemy, EPMD, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys.
Haze also founded his own eponymous clothing line in 1993,
which remains recognized worldwide as one of the original
brands that helped create the blueprint for streetwear
and urban product as we know it today. Haze studios
continues to produce a wide range of design work and
collaborations with industry leaders such as Nike, Casio,
Honda and Stussy. 2008 also marked Haze’s return to
the fine art world with a one man exhibition of new paintings
and drawings at the Museum of Contemporary Art / Hong Kong.
Haze currently directs his brand, design and art studios
out of their new Brooklyn headquarters.

– via http://interhaze.com/bio/


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