Full Scale Millennium Falcon!

“Several years back, there was a rumor going around my home of Nashville about someone building a full scale Millennium Falcon close by. Just the thought of this epic taste had my inner Star Wars geek going, and I quickly got to the bottom of it. Upon searching I ran into Chris Lee at a Roller Derby match and discovered he was the brains behind the whole endeaver. Believe it, there is a full scale Millennium Falcon being built an hour outside Nashville, TN. The adventure known as The full Scale Millennium Falcon Project is making serious headway with the global coverage it is getting. Everything is still in early stages, and there is global support helping with everything. Obviously, a project of this magnitude will take time, but I am positive we will see it in our lifetime. Couldn’t you imagine the pilgrimage of Star Wars fans everywhere to this site? EPIC!”

*Repost from Kidrobot Blog

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