The 50 Most Iconic On Stage Sneaker Photos of All Time


The average person may not pay a whole lot of attention to the sneakers an artist is wearing when he or she hits the stage, but some of music’s most memorable moments occurred by their just putting on the right pair of kicks. Think back to the 2010 VMAs. Sure, Kanye West’s performance of “Runaway” was good stuff. But that all-red suit finished off with the red Louis Vuitton Dons? Legendary.

The following sneaker moments didn’t just simply improve a moment though. They also represented entire subcultures. You look back on sneakers like Vans and Converse and you think about the epicness of the punk and grunge movements. And don’t even get us started on Jordans. The 50 Most Iconic On Stage Sneaker Shots aren’t just really, really good shots. They serve as individual mementos of the cultures we’ve come to love.

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* repost via Complex Sneakers


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