Adapt : Change Agents Vol. 2 :: Jon Barretto


Today we are excited to bring you the second interview in our Change Agents series. This project is a way for us to showcase individuals whom we respect and who have paved unique paths in their respective fields.

Jon Barretto is a jack-of-all-trades and an all-around hustler, helming multiple clothing labels, a retail store, a denim-distribution company, a custom laces company, and quite possibly the person responsible for bringing you that Bulls snapback sitting on your bedroom dresser. We first met Jon during the early stages of Adapt, and true to his nature, our first interaction was his attempt to purchase a hoody from us at a significant discount. Needless to say he was successful, and he has worked this angle to his benefit throughout his life and career. We have grown to become good friends as well as frequent collaborators with his label Fully Laced (SFC, Olympia collection, etc.). Conducted in Fall 2012, we wanted to sit with him and chat in a bit more detail about where he came from, what he has built, and where he is headed.

Full interview is here.

* Repost via Adapt Blog


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