DXC SF Recap

This past Sunday was the first DunkXchange SF for 2013. It was definitely a great turn out with more vendors than ever before and people in line amped to get in to check everything out. DJ Juice was on the ones and twos all day and doing special shout outs. There were also two performances during the event by Kritkal and Nump Trump, and even a special impromptu set when Mistah Fab grabbed the mic. Orly, San Jose tattoo artist with Cukui, did a great Jordan custom art piece during the day. Whether if you were at Terra Gallery on Sunday or weren’t able to make it, please enjoy these two photo recaps:

– Photos taken by Dunksrnice
For the rest of the photos, check out: http://www.dunksrnice.net/2013/03/dxc-sf-030313-recap.html

– For a bit of background on DXC and more on this past Sunday, check out new online mag Be Seen Magazine’s post: http://beseenmag.com/dunkxchange-san-francisco/


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