Futura Talks Sneakers and More with Sneaker Freaker


While recently Down Under, the legendary Futura got up with the guys at Sneaker Freaker for a nice sit-down. Of course an icon when it comes to graffiti and artistry in general, talk appropriately surrounded some of his work, notably a good deal about sneakers and his coinciding opinion on the sneaker game. Enjoy.

[Full interview on Sneaker Freaker : http://www.sneakerfreaker.com/newsflash/Sf-Interview-With-Futura]

“And now I’ve been wearing Converse for years, so I’d love to do a real Converse colab. I did a spray on some Converse for Hennessy and got criticised for that. Yeah, I randomly splattered paint on them, but this was a gift. They were originally done and, whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not, you can say I did them. That whole shit bothered me. Motherfuckers got a dope box, they got the bottle and the sneakers for free! Of the 420,000 bottles that were made, that package was for the first 200 (numbered bottles). ”

* via Complex Sneakers


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