A Look At Michael Jordan’s $21 Million Home


In the market for a new home?  Check out this listing that’s just a short drive away from the beautiful city of Chicago on Realtor.com that recently dropped its asking price by over 25%.

Elegance and utmost privacy abound at this perfectly situated, privately gated estate nestled on over seven acres. With outstanding attention to detail, function, and style, this home is as comfortable as it is elegant. Luxurious entertaining areas and grounds create an absolutely stunning contemporary home with scale and finishes to perfection. Sold furnished with exclusions. All showings and access to website with additional photos must provide verified financial references in advance. Oh, and this happened to be Michael Jordan’s old home. Enjoy…


The asking price? $21,000,000.00.  In sneakerhead talk, that’s 105,000 pairs of the Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88.

As MJ looks to move on from the life he once knew – he owns the Charlotte Bobcats after all and he recently got married for the second time – this is the perfect opportunity for a sneakerhead with means to jump on a piece of history.  Imagine the stories – many of them possibly including Charles Oakley slapping the hell out of somebody over a card game – that could be told in that palatial home if those walls could talk.  Better yet, imagine the kicks gold mine that could be inside that home and could potentially be yours with a little negotiating with the seller.   If those kicks were on the bargaining tabl that we would love to haggle with MJ over along with pics of the 9-bedroom, 15-bathroom estate.

Repost via Kicks On Fire

Images courtesy of Getty Images/Nike/Realtor.com


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