#PLEASEJUSTDOIT Campaign Asks Nike For Men’s Sneakers in Women’s Sizes


Nike’s longstanding “Just Do It” slogan has been synonymous with seizing opportune moments and achieving, so it’s no surprise that two young women from London have taken it a step further, flipping it back on Nike. Through their website PurpleUnicornPlanet.com and the hashtag #PleaseJustDoIt, Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis have started a campaign to bring promote the notion of Nike offering some of their better men-size-only sneakers in smaller sizes for women. At first glance, it appears that their website is simply an online store, but after closer inspection, each photo leads you to information on how you can back their petition to hound Nike until the brand responds. We’ve seen instances where women’s sneakers are coveted by men, and in many cases the reverse is true. Do sneakers need to come in complete men’s and women’s size runs?


* via Nice Kicks


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