The “Laney” V 2000 vs. 2013

Upon making its presence felt this past weekend at retailers nationwide, the “Laney” Air Jordan V colorway was again an instant hit. Despite a few minor alterations, the highly popular color scheme inspired by Michael Jordan’s high school days was just as exciting now as it was when it first hit the sneaker scene some thirteen years ago. As overjoyed as all of us were about this retro, it seems as if there is someone that wants to challenge the previously mentioned release for “Laney” supremacy. That someone being an OG pair from 2000. Now that the climactic build up is over, the stage is set for these two pairs of kicks to square off. In the blue corner, you have the OG Air Jordan “Laney” V hailing from the year 2K. Across the ring is the recently released 2013 version. Coming out of the gate, the comparison fight is a draw for the first few rounds. While neither really jumps ahead of the other on the scorecards, some may consider the revived retro to be the favorite thanks to it youthful appearance. But as you know, you can’t sleep on a crafty veteran especially not one that has thirteen years under its belt. In the end, I had the OG version down as the winner simply because of its historical significance. And without the OG, there wouldn’t be a retro. Who do you think came out on top of this epic “Laney” battle? Peep the pics and judge for yourself. And please, no majority decisions. Sorry Floyd.

* via Complex Sneakers


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