Go MAD for the HolidAPE Dunny


Available at Fully Laced SF!

Don’t let the holidays drive you ape because this year, we are going to do it for you! Each year Kidrobot produces a limited edition collectible to commemorate our favorite c-words: Christmas and Chanukah! This year, Kidrobot veteran Jeremy “MAD” Madl and Kidrobot find out if banana jingle with the HolidAPE 3-inch Dunny! This seasonal simian is full of yuletide… ‘Cheer’ giving voice to Christmas rage. Mystery packaged in a foil-stamped gift box, with a little Noel-nog you could shove this in your loved one’s stocking. Can you see all the holiday excitement (or frustration) in his face? Regardless, this ape is ready for the holidays and all that comes with it adorned with the appropriate colors of red and green with symbols of holiday cheer, but that is not all because he also brought another member of his shrewdness ( a group of apes) to the party. In full holiday gear and ready to spin the dreidel and play an intense game of Kvitlech is the Chanukah HolidAPE in silver and blue. Since he is full of holiday spirit, bring the HolidAPE with you when lighting the menorah or decorating the Christmas Tree! Get your HolidAPE cheer on November 7 at Kidrobot.com, Kidrobot stores, and retailers.


* via Kidrobot Blog

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