Complex Sneaker’s : The Most Anticipated Sneaker Brand Comebacks of 2014

There’s no doubt that 2013 was a great year for retro sneakers. Nike, Jordan Brand, and adidas all dug back in the archives and brought some classic silhouettes back to the shelves. And 2014 is expected to be no different.

Of course, the marquee brands will bring even more retro heat to market this year, but what about some of the sneaker culture’s slept-on labels? There’s a handful of long-forgotten sneaker brands that are planning to make big moves this year. Here are the Most Anticipated Sneaker Brand Comebacks of 2014.



 After being dormant for a few years, Etonic is plotting a big revival in 2014. Although the full details of Etonic’s next generation aren’t available yet, the brand already has a storied heritage with lots of classic runners in the archive. Let’s not forget its silhouettes in basketball and tennis. Remember the Etonic Akeem?



Vision first hit the scene 30 years ago and was one of the hottest skate labels out in the ’90s. There was a time when almost every teenager had a T-shirt with Vision’s logo on it.

The brand’s roster of skaters once included Mark Gonzales, Tas Pappas, Mark “Gator” Rogowski, Duane Peters, Lee Ralph, John Grigley, and Micke Alba. After disappearing from the market for a couple years, Vision made some quiet moves last year by partnering up with Opening Ceremony. This spring, the brand is priming to make a big comeback by bringing back detail-attentive retros of its iconic silhouettes, signature skate shoes for its riders. It’s also planning on dropping some new collaborations with personalities in the music industry this year.



It’s not a brand comeback, per se, but Brooks Running Company turns 100 years old in 2014, and to mark the occasion the brand is digging back into its archives for the first time with its Brooks Heritage footwear collection. Two of its past award-winning styles from 1976, the Vantage and the Vanguard, will hit the market again later this year. With its performance sneakers already a hot commodity in the running world, Brooks will be looking to get some recognition for the old-school styles that it has in its vault. Hoops shoes next?



After a dropping a few key styles from its archive this past fall, Pony is looking to drop some more gems from the ’70s and ’80s. Silhouettes in the brand’s vault may surprise you. Spud Webb wore low-top Pony City Wings while winning the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest, but the brand’s other endorsers also included athletes like PeleDavid ThompsonBob McAdooJohn Havlicek,Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, and Dan Marino. Look for Pony to debut collaborations with atmos,Mark McNairy, and Staple Design in 2014.




It’s no secret that the K-Swiss has had a few down years in terms of sneakers, but the brand will have a fresh look in 2014. With new executives in charge at the brand, including a new VP of product, K-Swiss’ new direction will only be on heritage tennis products for the foreseeable future. Say goodbye, K-Swiss Tubes.



sneakers are slowly making its way back to the NBA, with its current endorser Lance Stephenson lighting things up for the Indiana Pacers. The brand, which was first founded in 1993, also dropped a 20th anniversary pack of the Tai Chi and Tochillin’ overseas. With Stephenson having a career season and basketball kicks from the early 2000s starting to make a comeback, the time is ripe for And1 to bring some of their iconic styles stateside.



Although the brand is known more for its crocodile-branded tennis shirts, Lacoste has also put a lot of effort into revamping its footwear collection. For example, Lacoste will be launching a pack of archival tennis sneakers this spring that celebrate the brand’s French roots. In 2014, the brand is launching a new program called 24Teeth, where it’ll be doing some limited-edition sneaker collaborations with the world’s top boutiques and designers.

* via Complex Sneakers


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