{Sole Collector’s} Sole Decade Roundtable : How Have Sneakers Changed The Last 10 Years?

SC Squad Decade 940

When the magazine first started, even though “Collector” was in our name, collecting wasn’t really a full-blown thing like it is today.

Sure, people in pockets of the country had pairs stashed away, but these days, thanks to the sheer frequency of releases and the help and explosion of the Internet and Instagram, it seems like literally everyone has a 100-pair collection of rare sneakers piled up. (Or, at least they pretend to on Instagram.)

To sort through just what accelerated things to where we are today and the brands and technologies that have come and gone, Sole Collector’s three leads chopped it up for a roundtable discussion of the past 10 years in footwear. Read our conversation ahead, and let us know how you think sneakers have changed during the Sole Decade in the comments section below.

Read the complete conversation at : http://solecollector.com/news/sole-decade-roundtable-how-have-sneakers-changed-/#ixzz2pg0rrqUl

* via Sole Collector


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