The NBA’s Most Interesting Shoe Sizes

In today’s feature, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most unusual shoes sizes in the NBA and the sporting world.

For example, there will be cases of exceptionally tall players wearing smaller shoes. Even though Yao Ming’s size 18 can hardly be considered small, in relation to players like Shaq, who was far shorter, and wore a much bigger size 22, you can understand how it’s an anomaly.

You’ll also see shorter players wearing much larger sizes. Isaiah Thomas may be one of the smallest players in the League, but he shares his size 12 with players far taller.

We’ve even included … a mismatched pair worn for a period of time by the one and only Michael Jordan. Check out the list here :

Rasheed Wallace – 6’11” – size 13


Paul George – 6’8″ – size 12


Taj Gibson – 6’9″ – size 13


Yao Ming – 7’5″ – size 18


Dwyane Wade – 6’4″ – size 15


Russell Westbrook – 6’4″ – size 15


Isaiah Thomas – 5’9″ – size 12

Isaiah Thomas, Stephen Curry

Michael Jordan – 6’6″ – size 13 (right shoe) / 13.5 (left shoe)

* via Sole Collector


One comment

  1. Nathan

    Wow, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James have the same shoe size! It does make sense that some players just have small feet, and others have large feet. Paul George has tiny feet for his height, while Russell Westbrook has gigantic feet, bigger than many centers!

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