Marvel Labbit Capsule and Mini Series 2

Labbit dives into the Marvel Universe on a conquest of domination. Naturally attracted to the baddest butt-holes around, Labbit becomes one with the most wicked and sadistic supers. A mix of super-villians and antiheros, these Labbits are the ultimate smorkin’ machines.


A motorcycle stuntman with a family curse, Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil that merges his soul with a demonic force. Transforming into a skeletal being with flaming head, he is known as Ghost Rider, battling demons and centuries old supernatural villians while trying to keep his own demonic half from taking control.

Up in flames! Riding the thin line between earth and hell, Labbit’s demonic half takes control. With flaming head, this 7-inch vinyl stunt rider is always smorkin’.

Ghost Rider Labbit embracing his demonic side March 7.

Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson) is a mercenary assassin, deeply scarred both physically and emotionally. He is the quintessential Marvel anti-hero – an assassin that only kills those he feels deserve to die.

Look out! The merc with a mouth, left for dead and too vengeful to die, will smork you. Wielding a samurai-sword-dagger-tommy-gatling-shot-gun weapon, this red and black 7-inch vinyl antihero is loaded with ammunition in the front and the behind.

Deadpool Labbit breaking free March 13.


From Cap’s patriotic stubble to Carnage’s creepy red crust, Labbit is truly transformed into the mightiest Marvel icons to date. Ten doubly dangerous, dominating, and devouring designs elevate Marvel Mini Labbit Series 2 into the super universe. Each 2.5-inch vinyl labbit is blind packed and ready to destroy. Labbit becomes a super smorker March 7.

*** Limited quantities of all will be available at Fully Laced SF. ***

* via Kidrobot Blog


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