How Much More Expensive are Air Jordans Getting?

Today Campless released the result of their investigation into the history and value of sneaker prices over time, especially when compared to inflation.

What does that mean?

Basically, as time goes on, materials and labor become more expensive, and a single dollar ends up buying less. That’s why our parents were able to buy a Snickers for less than a quarter, and we’re paying $1.50 at Duane Reade. That’s inflation.

One dollar meant more in 1988 than it does today, so how does that translate to Air Jordan prices over the last 26 years? Campless found that although Jordan prices have increased a little faster than inflation since 1999, the OG pairs were actually much more expensive than today’s retros. Yes, OG Jordan Vs were “only” $125 in 1991, but $125 today wouldn’t buy the same amount of milk, eggs, and flour (a common metric to measure inflation). In 2014 dollars, OG Jordan Vs cost $225 in 1991. That’s a big difference.


* via Complex Sneakers


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