Kanye West Stepped Out in Adidas Originals ZX710

Since Kanye West left Nike and Moved to adidas his footwear choices have been scrutinized ever more closely. It’s one thing to step out in a pair of fresh Flyknits that have a hype machine already behind them, but adidas doesn’t represent the same cultural thirst that Nike does. That means that almost anything Kanye wears is going to be something new, and an educational opportunity. That’s what happened with the ZX710.

While escorting his fiancée/baby mama to the car, Kanye got snapped wearing this under celebrated pair of adidas Originals. Recently pulled back from its 1987 introduction, the sneaker features a lot of tech elements without being overbearing. A pair of these in white and green released recently, and although they don’t look exactly like what Kanye is rocking, they’re pretty close. Perhaps it’s an upcoming colorway? (It also could just be the light.)

If you need a pair of these right now, they’re still available in some places. But with the Kanye Kosign, expect to see more of them in the future.



* via Complex Sneakers


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