Air Jordan VI Celebration Collection : “Cigar” and “Champagne”

For those anticipating more information about the “Cigar” and “Champagne” Air Jordan Vis, you’ll be happy to know that official details for pack are now available.


Officially known as the Air Jordan VI “Celebration” Collection, the shoes will be available on June 14. Initially thought to be sold as the pack, the shoes will instead be sold individually with each retailing at $250. Designed as a tribute to Jordan’s six championships, both sneakers feature opulent design details and accoutrements that relate to MJ’s accomplishments and the spoils of victory. With graduation season in full effect, you might want to spend some of that grad money on these to commemorate your own achievements.

1402281945_airjordanvicelebrationcollection002 1402281964_airjordanvicelebrationcollection005 1402282014_airjordanvicelebrationcollection003 1402282060_airjordanvicelebrationcollection004

* via Complex Sneakers


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