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Island Life Collection: A Closer Look

We originally released our Island Life Collection in Hawaii about two weeks ago and in the Mainland this past Friday. All the products are available in our online shops, as well as in the store. We’ve got something for everyone, so check out what we’ve got!

Photos courtesy of dunksrnice.net

Island Life Lookbook

To many, the Hawaiian islands represent a tropical paradise, an escape from the real world and a reward for countless hours of hard work. However, to some, the islands are the land, or the “aina”, deeply rooted in culture and history. The Island Life Collection highlights and blends design elements from both sides making it unique and Fully Laced.

Photography by Honozooloo

This and more will be available in store and online tonight.

Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner: Hawaiian Traditionals

Just in at the Fully Laced Flagship Store is the Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Traditionals collection. Here’s a little background information about the collection:

For Summer 2010, Stussy Deluxe teamed up with legendary, Hawaii-based Reyn Spooner, the company known for taking the Hawaiian shirt to the heights of casual American classic. Founded in 1962, Reyn Spooner is known for a reverse fabric that imitates the sun-bleached cotton clothing of surfer’s garments.

“You have to respect Reyn Spooner for coming with a look, staying faithful to that look and over a period of nearly 50 years building an iconic company that represents the Hawaiian Lifestyle,” said Nick Bower, Stussy’s Design Director. “There’s been a move toward American authentic, but the brands associated with that are usually East Coast or cold weather outdoor brands. I wanted to look at West Coast authentics.”

The Stussy x Reyn Spooner capsule collection featured a vintage Reyn Spooner print modified with Stussy’s iconic hand script across sixteen pieces including shirts, walk shorts, board shorts, windbreakers and a range of accessories including bags by Japan-based Porter and a slip-on, cork foot bed sandal by Japan-based Tatami. All items featured Reyn Spooner’s classic inside-out construction.

Stussy commissioned original photographer and longtime friend Ron Leighton to shoot the project capturing the essence of the Golden Age in California. The Stussy Deluxe x Reyn Spooner collection was released in May 2010.

via stussy.com

Fitted Hawaii Now Available At Fully Laced

Get with the Aloha spirit at Fully Laced!

Aloha consists of this attitude of heart, above negativism, above legalism. It is the unconditional desire to promote the true good of other people in a friendly spirit, out of a sense of kinship. Aloha seeks to do good, with no conditions attached. We do not do good only to those who do good to us.

–  Jon Larson